Monday Must Have – Effax Boot Miracle

Our helmet was in need of a little TLC…

Okay more than a little, but we love it and it still fits great! So what to do? We tried wiping it down with just a soft wet rag.

Helmet wiped down with wet cloth

While it cleaned it up some, it was still not quite its former self.

So, we tried a product that we have carried almost since we opened that has gotten rave reviews for conditioning and restoring horse boots and wellies, Effax Boot Miracle!









After wiping off dirt with a damp cloth, spray Effax Boot Miracle on the surface of your helmet. Then using a soft cloth, gently rub until dry.

WOW! We think that Effax should change the name to “Miracle”! Our helmet looks great again and we are ready to ride!


To clean the inside of the helmet, we used a face brush (a new unused shoe shine brush works great as well!) to get rid of loose dirt and clean out the holes in the ventilated fabric. Then wipe down with a damp cloth. Of course your liner can be machine washed or replaced if necessary.


We know this goes without saying, but use this only on helmets without fabric covering.

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